Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

In 2009, Jamie was boarding his return flight from Kenya. Upon entering the plane he heard a young child crying. As he worked his way back to his seat, he noticed she was a young (about 3-4 years old) Kenyan girl nestled between an elderly American couple sitting in the front row of the plane. Jamie's seat was about six rows behind them. Hours after takeoff, the little girl was still weeping like there was no tomorrow. At one point, as the the lights went off in the cabin signaling bed time on the long flight, the elderly gentleman stood up and headed for the rear restroom in the plane. As he passed Jamie's seat, Jamie tugged on his shirt sleeve and asked the man how the little girl was doing. The man told him a short story about how they had been given permission by the Kenyan government to adopt the little girl out of what was left of her famine and disease decimated community. She was one of a few survivors, and the couple was told that if someone didn't adopt her, she would not survive. The man told Jamie that she had never seen a white person, never heard the English language spoken, had never been away from the few people left in her community and had never been on an airplane. She was scared close to death. But the couple hoped by adopting her at such a young age that she would be able to overcome the trauma of the transition, and find a better life. Jamie asked the man what her name was and he said, "It's Baraka, which is Ki-Swahili for Blessings. She has already been a blessing to us, and we hope we will be for her as well." Six months later, when Jamie incorporated the jewelry store, he named it after that little orphan girl he saw on that flight from Kenya.  

Our name is a reflection of a mission and a dream. Join us in our journey.

Our studio owner, Jamie Jockwig last traveled to Kenya in 2016. He plans to return semi-annually or as often as possible, when it is safe to do so.

At this time, we donate at least 10% of our sales to our non-profit, A Ring Of Hope. We are driven to one day make that number 50%.

Jewelry Service

Our Customizable Engagement collection allows you to create a ring using pre-existing flexible mountings through our extended inventory. Our Baraka Bespoke collection include hand-crafted pieces designed and made by us specifically for you. Learn more about our custom design process here.

Our Vintage & Estate collection is sourced from all walks of life. We purchase from private sellers and estate sales. Our team's knowledge of vintage jewelry allows us to curate a unique and precious collection that is ever changing.

Our jewelry team has a combined experience of decades in the jewelry industry. We use this knowledge to examine and identify key traits, and jewelry markings to establish the era of their origin. Anything in question is examined by a certified appraiser and gemologist.

We work with a long-established independent appraiser and gemologist. An official appraisal provides you with a paper and digital copy of detailed documentation of your piece, including replacement value. Our prices vary depending on the piece. Please contact our studio for further details.

Every piece of jewelry is unique and requires its own specific care. We carry vintage & estate pieces from the Victorian Era up to the 1980's. We are happy to to give you all the information you need to keep your unique piece around for decades to come. We invite you to reach out to us on Instagram or by calling our studio directly.

We do offer local jewelry cleaning and repair services. All jewelry services require an appointment beforehand.

Sizing usually takes about one week. The cost depends on the details of the ring that include metal type, measurements, and quantity of gemstones. A studio appointment will allow us to determine all of these factors and provide a quote for service.

We do repair jewelry not created or sold by our studio. Our Custom Design services include updating, or refreshing any keepsake or heirloom jewelry you may wish to wear again. We do reserve the right to refuse service on any piece we feel uncertain about our ability to guarantee a quality repair.

We are happy to trade metals and jewelry towards a purchase, Bespoke Design, or Custom Design through our studio. If you have multiple pieces of jewelry or metals you would like to trade in, we ask you make an appointment to give us time to evaluate the value of your pieces.

We offer our clients natural diamonds, lab-created diamonds and gemstones. Whether mined or created, we will always fully disclose the details of any gems we offer.

GIA stands for Gemological Institute of America. GIA is the leading worldwide stone evaluation laboratory, and is recognized among the industry as the most reliable laboratory for diamond grading particularly. EGL stands for European Gemological Laboratory. Many EGL graded diamonds fall in a slightly lower clarity and color quality that comparable diamonds with the same specifications graded by GIA gemologists.

There is no particular time frame as to when we offer new pieces. We try to keep our inventory carefully curated and updated.

It is very difficult to to guarantee that any diamond or gemstone is completely conflict-free. We try to purchase from traceable sources as much as possible. We are happy to discuss any information we may have about a particular gemstone or diamond you are interested in.

We love working with lab-created gemstones and diamonds; incorporating them into our Bespoke Design and Custom Design projects. We always disclose the nature of any and all gemstones our clients consider, including whether they are natural or lab-created stones.

Shipping Services

Shipping is included with your purchase order and is based on the value of your piece so that we may apply appropriate insurance. This also includes ensuring your package is shipped with an adult signature required.

Sales tax is still applicable when shipping out of state.

All Custom Design, and Bespoke Design pieces are non-returnable. These also include any pieces that we alter specifically for you. Existing pieces purchased online or in our studio can be returned for an 80% refund, or 100% store credit toward a future purchase within one week of purchase in their original condition. All returned merchandise is inspected by us and our jeweler. If you believe you purchased something from us with a manufacturing error or any discrepancy of the product, please email us directly at or call our studio at 206.783.1313.

Purchases made in our studio can be packaged discreetly to ensure your gift remains a surprise. Pieces shipping directly from our website arrive in a generic USPS or Fed-Ex box with BARAKA as a return address.

General Questions

We schedule all jewelry appointments between Tuesday-Saturday from 11-6pm. Walk-ins are not permitted at this time.

We highly encourage you to sign up for newsletter through our website to receive updates on new arrivals, new jewelry collections, and news about our studio; including updates about our work in Kosele, Kenya. We promise to never spam you and always try to keep our newsletter updates interesting!

Fulfillment is determined by the nature of the order. Typically most pieces that are in stock can be ordered, shipped, and received by you within 1 to 2 weeks of purchase.

If you found something special with us that you can't quite purchase yet, we would be happy to place a complimentary hold on that item for 24 hours.

Prices listed online are non-negotiable.

We accept most standard credit cards, and virtual payment methods. We also accept cash, checks, and wire transfers, which must be cleared with our bank before merchandise is released. We also offer layaway plans with a 20% non-refundable deposit. We do not offer financing at this time.

Vintage & Estate jewelry items are typically one of a kind and cannot be replicated. However, we pride ourselves on being able to create unique pieces from a variety of inspiration photos and heirloom jewelry. It is always worth reaching out to us to see if we can find something comparable.

When you spend $3000 or more on an engagement ring at Baraka Gems, you receive a complimentary mini engagement photo session with our partnering local photographer. Check out her beautiful work through her Instagram: Olive & Opal.

Our studio and showroom is located in North Seattle in the beautiful neighborhood of Phinney and Greenwood, aka "Phinneywood". We are located at 8218 Greenwood Avenue N. Please call or email our studio to schedule an appointment.