An APPRAISAL is when you need to determine the value of your fine jewelry for insurance purposes, or to settle out an estate. If you need an official appraisal, please contact our independent certified gemologist and fine jewelry appraiser, Larry Azose, at Gemological Consulting Services. You can reach him by phone - 206.624.3798 or email -

If you're in the process of working with us already, we can facilitate an appraisal service for you.

An EVALUATION is a testing procedure used to determine what something is. It serves as a means to determine the material something is made of such as precious metals or natural, lab-created, synthetic gemstones or diamonds. This service is not the same as an appraisal, which includes a formal and comprehensive assessment of an item's value conducted by certified professionals. We do not provide standalone evaluation services to the general public.

A SORTING appointment is a service we offer designed for larger lots of items. Whether this is your grandmothers collection or your personal one, for a small fee we can work with you to evaluate what's worth appraising, selling or donating to a good cause.

A SELLING appointment is when you come in to show us what you have to cash out to us. Please see our Sell To Us page for more information about setting up this kind of appointment.