Taylor Crockett


Hi, I'm Taylor. My pronouns are she / her. I'm an illustrator from New England who happened to be a rock-hound and jewelry lover. My Grams raised me with an appreciation and love of jewelry and gemstones by sharing her personal collection with me over the years. In 2013, I entered the professional jewelry industry as an apprentice wax carver, bench jeweler, and designer for a shop on Bainbridge Island. From there I was lucky to work and train in a variety of wonderful small custom jewelry shops in Kitsap County and Seattle. I love the stories associated with antique pieces and get such a kick out of seeing what people bring into a jewelry shop; they often carry so much meaning. In school I also studied biology, so my passion for the environment keeps me gardening, tending to my plants, cats, and variety of fish. I continue to create and work as a freelance illustrator, so it's safe to say that I keep myself busy. I am thankful to be a part of the Baraka team and a story that creates beauty in the world in more ways than one.