Jamie Jockwig


Hi, I'm Jamie, the owner of Baraka Gems. I was born near Detroit, Michigan, and grew up on the west side of the state. I have clocked a lot of hours fishing in those bayous and swimming in Lake Michigan. I went to college in Grand Rapids as a trumpet performance major, and came out the other side as a youth psychology major. During and after college, I worked for a non-profit doing international adolescent community development (my connection to Kenya). In 2009 I went back to Kenya to do AIDS education. That trip led to starting a gemstone import business, which ultimately turned into a social entrepreneurial fine jewelry store called Baraka Gems.

There are a number of things that I am passionate about and enjoy. The three things that helped me get Baraka started have been my concern for the orphans of the world, my desire to help people, and my simple fascination with beautiful rocks. The stunning inclusion structures in a natural untreated sapphire, tourmaline or demantoid garnet just captivate me.  However, my lifelong favorite gemstone will always be Tanzanite, because that is what got this whole fine jewelry adventure started. Thank you to all of you who have helped to make Baraka Gems what it is today. Please let me know how we at Baraka can help you with your fine jewelry needs. Your business helps us to change the world, and we appreciate all of it!