Claudia Fiore

Services & Sales Associate

Greetings, I’m Claudia. I’ve been working in various aspects of the jewelry business for quite a few years now.  It began with the original Phil’s Jewelry in Ballard where I was first a salesperson and worked up to assistant manager. Eventually I segued to several other independent local stores, where I did sales and also inventory work. At Baraka, I assist our clients with repairs, and also help couples to find their dream engagement rings and wedding bands.  I’m very much a romantic, so I thoroughly enjoy playing a part in a couple’s journey.  I’ve had a love of jewelry from an early age.  I inherited a few vintage pieces from both grandmothers, costume pieces from one and genuine “fine” pieces from the other. I feel vintage jewelry just has an extra special something to it. I love the various looks from each period, especially the bohemian garnet jewelry from the 1890s.

Though I was born in Brooklyn, and have done my share of traveling, I’ve spent most of my life right here in beautiful Seattle. I come from a very musical family, but I’ve always been drawn to visual art and writing.  Early on I did a lot of chalk pastel, and then acrylic painting, and wrote poetry too, but eventually photography became my main creative endeavor.  I love telling stories with photos, and began putting together photo books about 15 years ago.  It began with one for my father’s 85th birthday which turned into a “This is Your Life” & was around 100 pages! In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my kitty Tasha, my friends, and my husband Rafe.  I like to cook and bake; I enjoy bringing yummy edibles to my teammates at Baraka, neighbors, and friends. And when time allows, I love to hit the road & see new places!