Happy Endings Happening At Baraka

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I enjoy getting to watch the happy endings happening at Baraka Gemstones and Jewelry.

I delight in the privilege of hearing about the latest engagement, or wedding.  We at Baraka relish helping people choose or create a special token of love for their loved ones.  We our proud of helping our clients celebrate those special relationships that make life worth living.

Our goal is to create happy endings for everyone who comes in our door.

I am proud that we have three phenomenal men who serve each client to the best of their ability. Jamie and Shane and Julian are the heart and hands of Baraka.

One night about a month ago, over dinner, Shane told me about a lady that had come in heartbroken and distraught that day. She was concerned for the condition of her engagement ring. Both Jamie and Shane had felt their hearts go out to her when she came in that day asking for help.  We wondered then if she would have her happy ending.

But of course we did next what we do best – we rolled up our sleeves and tackled the project wholeheartedly!

To our joy we recently found a five-star review just a few days later that left us doing a happy dance:

“My fiancé and I went to Baraka for repair on our engagement ring because the metal holding the diamond was weakened in the resizing process at another jeweler. It was a complicated fix and needed a partial rebuild, and Jamie, Shane, and their goldsmith Julian spent a lot of time with us discussing our possibilities and making sure we were getting what we wanted.

We just picked up the ring, and we couldn’t be happier!

Julian did exceptional work!

He maintained the ring’s original design and the diamond on top is much better secured.

All of this was for a reasonable price that didn’t change throughout the process.

We can’t recommend Baraka highly enough. We will definitely be returning for our wedding bands and all future jewelry needs. 

Special thanks to Jamie and Shane for their patience and insight. We felt like we were in good hands the whole time!”

I enjoyed watching Shane as his eyes lit up with excitement and pride as he read her words.  Baraka is truly home to a “dream team” of customer service and excellence.

Now we get to celebrate another happy ending on the books at Baraka Gemstones and Jewelry!

Congratulations and Baraka (Blessings) to Charity!

Would you like to be Baraka’s next happy ending?

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