Happy Endings Happening At Baraka

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HAPPY ENDINGS HAPPENING AT BARAKA! I enjoy getting to watch the happy endings happening at Baraka Gemstones and Jewelry. I delight in the privilege of hearing about the latest engagement, or wedding.  We at Baraka relish helping people choose or create a special token of love for their loved ones.  We our proud of helping our clients celebrate those special … Read More

What’s New With Baraka Orphanage?

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As many of you know already, Baraka Gemstones and Jewelry has partnered up with Baraka Orphanage in Kenya, East Africa.  This orphanage is just getting it’s feet on the ground, and is looking for a lot of front-end help in it’s pursuit of self-sustainability.  Baraka Orphanage isn’t prepared to begin receiving children at the facility yet, but hopes with the … Read More

Furnishings at Baraka Orphanage

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Most of us in America know what it’s like to lay our heads down at night on a soft pillow.  A piece of plush padded fabric that we hug around our head, drool on throughout the night, and count on to help lull us to sleep sometime every day.  Many of the kids we have contact with in Kenya don’t … Read More

Jamie Presses on Through Pancreatitis

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As of late, I’ve found that when something traumatic happens in life, the story grows bigger very quickly, and becomes that much more difficult to tell.  So many questions to consider, and to address.  Where to start?  What should be shared?  What’s going on now?  What’s going to happen next? Since the first week of August 2013, I have found … Read More

Here’s lookin’ at you Moo!

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Whew!  The blog box is getting dusty.  Jamie’s pancreatitis really threw us off our blogging and newsletter groove!  But don’t worry, we’re on the rebound and coming back strong.  A brief update on Jamie… The doctors say that he’s on the mend and may not need surgery, which is good, because for a while they were promising to take out … Read More