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FREE mini-engagement shoot

When you purchase an engagement ring at Baraka! Contact us today for details.

We are excited to introduce our photography partner, Maddy! When you get engaged with a Baraka ring, you will receive a complimentary mini photo shoot with this wonderfully talented photographer.* If you like working with her, we encourage you to discuss full engagement or wedding photography packages with her. Feel free to contact her directly with any other photography requests, and be sure to say, “Baraka sent me!”

* (Offer contingent on permission to use the photos for advertising purposes.)

Meet our photographer

“Hi there! My name is Maddy, I can almost always be found sporting stripes with a potted plant in one hand a chai tea latte in the other. The name Olive & Opal comes from my two favorite colors: olive green and white. I wanted to make something of my own that was a part of my everyday life, other than the colors I love. The part about photography that I love is how through this artistry, you get to really know a person. It is such a fun, weird, vulnerable experience- one you get to look back on in 20 years and smile. Life is meant to be lived and remembered through all the imperfect, unplanned moments and those are the time we all wish we could freeze in time and captured in a photo. I’ve fallen in love with the ability to give people an experience that they won’t forget and to serve people in such a special and meaningful way through capturing their special moments in life. You can always count on exploring the outdoors –or a local neighborhood, a lot of laughs and some loud music, so let’s get started! See more of my work on my website:


*Maddie does not pay us anything to advertise for her or give her preferred status. We just like her a lot!


Contact Info

Open Wednesday through Sunday
11-6PM, or by appointment

1521 NW 54th St, Studio 103
Seattle, WA 98107


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