What’s New With Baraka Orphanage?

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As many of you know already, Baraka Gemstones and Jewelry has partnered up with Baraka Orphanage in Kenya, East Africa.  This orphanage is just getting it’s feet on the ground, and is looking for a lot of front-end help in it’s pursuit of self-sustainability.  Baraka Orphanage isn’t prepared to begin receiving children at the facility yet, but hopes with the help of others that it can start receiving kids, like the ones pictured above, within the year.  It’s going to take a lot of hard work and some serious generosity to continue the momentum, but we are confident that soon Baraka Orphanage will be meeting the nutritional, educational, social and medical needs of the local orphan population.  Are you interested in helping?  Get in contact with us through info@barakagems.com and we’ll talk to you about how you can help us to help you help kids!

Here are some financial needs Baraka Orphanage is facing right now…

I. MANAGER’S HOUSE = $15,000.
This house will be for the couple on the ground 24 hours a day. The house will have three small bedrooms, kitchen, sitting room, and a bathroom.

Kitchen will have at least four different rooms – cooking room, freezer/refrigerator room, storage for dry foods such as beans, corn, etc., and storage for firewood and charcoal.


We desperately need to purchase 3 acres of adjoining land.  We will use this land to grow corn, beans, potatoes, and various vegetables to provide food for the orphanage. Kids and staff will grow their own food on this farm.

Ponds like this are great for breading a continual food source for the facilities.  It will continue to provide fish for food year after year.

VI. ANIMAL FARM $25,000.
This will cover the cost of building the pen/barn where chicken, goats, sheep and cows are kept, as well as the cost to purchase and take care of the animals.

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