MIRIAM – An orphan awaiting Baraka Orphanage

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Charles has this to say about Miriam…

“Miriam is one of the orphaned girls whom I am supporting.  Miriam is 16 years old and in the 8th grade.  She was living in a very bad conditions.  Her uncle was willing to let her come stay with us, because I offered to try and help out.  Just giving money would not have been enough.  Miriam needed a different and safer environment conducive to stay in; an environment conducive to learning.  Her educational performance had degenerated so bad for a lot of reasons including- lack of school fees and other basic things such as food, clothing, accommodations, etc.  Thus, to help Miriam, I asked her uncle if she could come and stay with my parents. domain maps  I promised to pay her school fees and meet her basic needs.  Miriam has been with my parents for the last one year now and is going to a local school where my parents live.  It is my hope that Miriam will do well and go on to finish high school and have a future.  When Baraka Orphanage begins functioning, it will cater to orphans such as/ and including Miriam.  Miriam is one of the orphans whom we are currently supporting– some living with my parents and some living with my brother Mark.


We are in the process of furnishing the orphanage. The $700 donation from Baraka Gemstones and Jewelry is already helping in buying some of the beds for the orphanage. The total cost for furnishing the orphanage is $8700, and the donation from BG&J is a good start.  While $200 of the donation will go towards securing farmable acreage for the orphanage, $500 will go towards furnishing Baraka Orphanage.  The goal is to furnish the orphanage and build the kitchen and manager’s house by April 2013.  Once we furnish the orphanage and get the kitchen and manager’s house done, we will be in a position to have our first intake.  We want to do this right, and so as much as I want to see us begin right away, I also want to make sure that we have basic things in place before we begin. In a nutshell, we are in a process of getting the basic stuff in place– more specifically, getting the beds, chairs, tables, mattresses, mosquito nets, blankets/sheets, kitchen, manager’s house, utensils, etc.  Baraka Gemstones and Jewelry is already helping in a BIG way!”


If you are interested in helping children like Miriam in Kenya, East Africa you can purchase aCreate A Ring™ Design Kit, or make a direct donation HERE.  Thanks for your interest in these kids in East Africa.  They are our heartbeat!

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