Furnishings at Baraka Orphanage

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Most of us in America know what it’s like to lay our heads down at night on a soft pillow.  A piece of plush padded fabric that we hug around our head, drool on throughout the night, and count on to help lull us to sleep sometime every day.  Many of the kids we have contact with in Kenya don’t have pillows.  If they have anything to lay their heads on at all, it might be a rolled up shirt, old worn out stuffed animal, piece of a blanket, or just the hard dirt floor many of them sleep on.  Children may be resilient, but if they don’t get rest, sooner or later their senses dull, their minds tire, their bodies ache and the possibility of them leading a healthy productive life diminishes.  That’s why one of our biggest priorities at Baraka Orphanage is to purchase beds, blankets and pillows for all the kids.  Albeit a a very small space, having their own bed and pillow to curl up with will give them more of a sense of security, individuality and hope.  I know I take my bed for granted, because I know it’s going to be there every night.  Some of the kids we work with in Kenya aren’t even sure where they are going to sleep from night to night, let alone whether or not they will have a pillow they can call their own.

We are excited to announce that because of our customer’s purchases, and other’s generosity, we have raised enough money to pay for all the furnishings in the main building of Baraka Orphanage!  Charles, our Kenyan friend and Baraka Orphanage facilitator, will be heading back over to Africa at the end of the month to oversee the purchase and implementation of new beds in the facility.  Every time we have a sale at Baraka Gemstones and Jewelry, our customers help us to change the world.  One step at a time we have been able to help coax the dream of Baraka Orphanage into reality.  You can continue to help us keep the dream alive by making purchases with Baraka Gemstones and Jewelry, and donating dollars our way.  We sold two pieces of donated jewelry in the past couple months giving us another $65 to send with Charles to work on the orphanage.  We hope you’ll continue to help us help you help kids!  Thanks for your support!!

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